Maximilian Kiener: A Digital Project about Life

Posted on Thursday, August 6th, 2015 by

timeMaximilian Kiener created a digital timeline of our life and all you have to do is scroll down.

When You Are _ Years of Age

Ever notice how once you’ve hit high school, summer’s go by quicker and quicker? And summers in between college semesters feel like they are only a week long? That is because as we get older, time goes quicker. This digital project made by Maximilian Kiener is shown as a wake up call for many. It is saying┬áthat depending on your age, life will fly by. The earlier years of your life go by very quick because as a child, you don’t remember much but as you get older, the years become shorter. It isn’t until you are much older, according to Kiener’s project, that you realize that the more time you’ve lived, the shorter each year feels.

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Life is Short, Do Things Now

Basically the motto of this site. Kiener is trying to show his viewers that people need to take life seriously and realize that we don’t have forever to live. The Washington Post recently wrote an article stating that what they grabbed from this project is that we have lived half of our life by the age of 7. The author of the article, Ana Swanson, states, “that waiting 24 days for Christmas at age 5 literally feels like waiting a year at age 54. It might also explain why kids on car trips are always asking that annoying question, “Are we there yet?” A car journey actually feels longer to kids than it does to adults,”. This is a true concept that people don’t actually think about.


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