History of Icons: Timeline of the Icon

Posted on Wednesday, August 5th, 2015 by

lMAdS-uoEver wonder how icons got to the way they are today? This project has a full timeline demonstrating all the changes the computer has gone through since the beginning.

The Evolution of the Icon

Created by Futuramo, the History of Icons project shows how our computer icons have gone through a drastic change from only black and white to 3D color since the 1980s. As you scroll down the page, it explains each change and improvement the icon has encountered. It mainly focuses on the change of the icon; how the size, color, and texture has changed drastically over the years. Ever since the icon has become a dominate feature to computers and technology in general, they have been growing in size. There is now an icon for almost everything.

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Create Your Own Icons

FuturamoFuturamo has a beta site where you can download their icons. This makes it easier for graphic designers all over. Icons are used on a daily bases on all computers so this site has made it easier to find the icons needed for a specific project. Besides picking from their option of icons, their site also allows you to edit your own icon by choosing one they have and editing the color, texture, size, etc.

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