RaiseMe: Earn College Scholarships

Posted on Tuesday, March 12th, 2019 by

RaiseMe helps high school students find and earn college scholarships, earlier.

Start Working Towards Scholarships Now

It’s no question that there are some deep and fundamental flaws in the American university system. The richest celebrities can purchase admissions for their children, while the poorest parents struggle to provide higher education for their children. RaiseMe is a potentially groundbreaking and transformative initiative in order to bridge that gap. The site allows students to earn “micro-scholarships” from schools that they would like to attend, beginning as early as the 9th grade. Colleges set different achievements for students to work towards, awarding money based on their progress with various goals. This could be an invaluable resource for motivated individuals that might not be able to afford attending college on their own.

Motivate Yourself To Achieve

The concept of RaiseMe itself could also help motivate unmotivated students. It’s a win-win situation for colleges and students alike, as the platform allows colleges to market themselves with financial incentives. Students may discover a program that appeals to them via the platform, and work towards applying to the college throughout their time in high school. Many students have already earned several thousand dollars using the site. It’s a different approach to finding, discovering, and awarding scholarships, but it could prove to be highly beneficial for all those involved.  If you’re in high school or searching for ways to finance your higher education, consider taking a look at RaiseMe.

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