Project Decor: Virtually Decorate Your Way to a Beautiful home

Posted on Monday, December 24th, 2012 by

If you’ve made the decision that 2013 is the year to completely redecorate the house or even just take the kitchen out of 1983, Project Decor has it all. From pre-made rooms according to style or starting from scratch, you can click your way to your dream home.

Decorate with Inspiration from Designers

Project Decor is the next big thing in home decorating. Everything from shopping by a room, furniture, or even brands. Shop according to a special “Stylemaker” and their style influences, or open your own designer shop.¬†As with any other site these days you can follow people, but also see their room designs. Browse through your friends and even suggested designers featured on Project Decor. They have an array of featured videos of how to create and decorate, inspiration boards with wanted items, and even movies or time periods that inspires their style.

Create A Virtual Room and Buy the Items

I decided to take a stab at creating my dream bedroom. I had different styles to choose like city living, Mediterranean, beach, and more to begin the process of envisioning my future room. You can then select items to add like furniture, artwork, sculptures, and even wallpaper. The best part is you can actually buy those items once you’ve decided they make a great addition to your room. Add them to your TearBox to save for later. Don’t see something you want there? Upload an image of your own to make your room come to life.

What’s great about Project Decor is the social aspect of it. If you’re looking for inspiration from one of the selected designers or even someone who has an eclectic board for a girl’s bedroom you can use their ideas to create your own room.Do you think your decorating ideas are great enough to get paid for it? Apply to become one of their Style Exchange Designers and show off your design inspirations to the world.

Whether you’ve always wanted to create your dream home or you need a few items of inspiration for the soon to be built man cave, Project Decor will help you with all of your decorating dreams.

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