LoveThis: Save Recommendations you Love From People you Trust

Posted on Monday, December 24th, 2012 by

Love This allows you to recommend any product or experience you enjoyed. You can either send your recommendation to your Facebook and Twitter friends or share it by recommending mankind.

Because Recommending is Personal!

LoveThis is a platform where you send a recommendation to anyone, even your friends who are not on the service. Signing up is via Facebook or by creating an account with your email address. Creating a recommendation is very simple; you give your recommendation a title and choose the related category (shops, food, books, movies, etc.). You can even attach a picture and comments, along with contact information such as a location, website, email address, or phone number. LoveThis is like the Pinterest of the recommendation world, the recommendations are filtered by categories, friends, and keywords and is displayed as a beautiful reference card.

Save Good Recommendations!

When stumbling upon a good recommendation, Love This allows you to save it by pressing the “Collect” button on the recommendation’s page. Another great feature is the ability to save the actual location of the place you’re recommending, it is much easier than trying to correctly remember and spell the name of a restaurant or other business. Not only that, but it makes it a lot easier for friends to navigate to your recommendation. LoveThis is combining both machine-powered recommendations and the live input of friends, to create the perfect recommendation feed. I recommend you try it.


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