The European Social Q&A Site that Leaped Over Formspring…

Posted on Monday, December 24th, 2012 by is a simple Ask and answer service, much like Formspring, where your Facebook, Twitter and other social networks friends engage with you through personal Q&A.

Ask me a question and I shall answer… is a simple Q&A site; create a personal profile on it and then address it to others with questions. Anyone can answer your questions –  anonymously or publicly. Questions that have recently been answered are visible on the users profile page, which gives anyone the ability to explore it. allows you to record video using your webcam and post it as answers to the various questions. Obviously you can also explore  other user profiles, which include the user’s interests and an area to submit a question directly to the specific user. is available in 25 languages and enable you to converse with your social media friends trough a Q&A based conversation. 

Because Formspring is so 2011… is very much like it’s big American predecessor and rival, the only reason I can see for it’s giant leap toward becoming so dominant is the site’s simplicity… Registration is very easy, you can do it via Facebook, Twitter or (the number one social network in Russia), as well as directly. Upon creating an page, users are invited to alert their Facebook friends to begin soliciting questions. Answers can also be shared on the social network and Twitter. It is a simple and fun website (though I really don’t understand how or why it got so big…) and you definitely should check it out.


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