Never Miss A Discount

Posted on Tuesday, October 20th, 2015 by

Pricep.inIf you wait long enough, your favorite product will drop in price over time. With Pricepin, you’ll be able track those items and strike once the price goes down.

That Costs How Much?

Pricep.inPricepin is perfect for any avid online shopper who never misses out on a deal. If we lived in a perfect world, we could buy whatever we want, whenever we want. But unfortunately that’s not most of our lives, and sometimes a product is just to expensive to purchase on the spot. We always tell ourselves we will buy it once the price goes down, but who actually pays attention to one item for that long? Pricepin is ready to do that for you. With Pricepin, products are monitored daily and once the price drops, users are notified of the price change. Pricepin does all the monitoring for you.

Your Favorite Four Letter Word

Pricep.inIsn’t everyone’s favorite four letter word SALE? (or is that just me?) Even if it isn’t, Pricepin is the smarter way to shop and ready to save shoppers some money on the items they love. Pricepin is available on any browser, as well as for iPhones/iPads and android devices. To get started, users just have to drag the bookmarklet to their toolbar. It’s that easy to start saving. From there, just go to your favorite online stores and click on whatever item you want. Just click on the bookmarklet you dragged to your bookmark tabs, and Pricepin will keep track of the price. Everything you favorite, or “pin” is tracked in your Pinlist. You can choose to receive notifications for when the price drops, so you can buy it right away. It’s a very individualized site, so your list is personalized. It’s what you add it to, no recommendations or what other people are shopping for. You can add to your list any time you like, so if you’re in a store and something attracts your eye, you can go straight to the website and track it. Pricepin does all your price tracking for you, so you’ll know when a price goes down immediately!

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