Nuzzel: See News From Your Friends

Posted on Tuesday, October 20th, 2015 by

NuzzelNuzzel is the perfect way to keep up with your friends on social media, without being overwhelmed by other updates on your newsfeeds.

Just Skip To The Good Stuff

NuzzelEach day when we check all of our social media sites, we are bombarded with updates and posts from others that we don’t really care about more of the time. Most days, we just want to know what’s going with a select group of people, our good friends. Nuzzel is saving you the time and effort it takes to scroll through your long newsfeed, so you can see the news from your friends and just your friends without becoming overwhelmed. Nuzzel can be hooked up to your Facebook page and Twitter and keep you connected with just your friends. Nuzzle is available on the Apple App Store and for Google Play. Nuzzel is keeping you connected with whoever you decide to keep up with, without the endless hours of scrolling.


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