Care at Home: A Great Alternative to Nursing Home Care

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24HR HomecareThe first thought of most people when they hear about home care services is that it is a program for frail, older patients. While it is true that most patients fit this category of home care patients. Younger patients, even children may need help with activities of daily living such as bathing, grooming, and dressing. These patients need about a half-hour of personal, non-medical home care. However, most home health services have a 4 to 6-hour minimum daily requirement.

But, 24HR HomeCare has no such requirement, and can easily schedule a caregiver for as little as 30 minutes a visit. This is important as most health care policies do not cover non-medical home care visits. By having visits for as little as 30 minutes budgeting for home care, becomes much easier. From helping a kid in the morning to making lunch for your mother who lives with you, to all day or 24-hour care, 24HR HomeCare meets your needs in the most cost-conscience manner available.

What Services are offered by 24HR HomeCare?

The decision for finding a home care provider is challenging, but, most people thrive in a home setting despite chronic illness or general frailty. Inviting people into your home or the home of a loved one is not a small decision. However, home caregivers arranged by 24HR Homecare offers caregivers that specialize in assisting clients with non-medical home care. These professional home caregivers are screened by us and are insured, bonded and CPR certified. Services offered include,

Why 24HR HomeCare is the Best Choice

The first step in arranging home care services for your loved one is the 24HR HomeCare’s free in-home consultation. During this consultation 24HR Homecare creates a customized care plan based on client’s needs. Information is garnered about the client’s overall health and then 24HR Homecare creates a profile of the type of caregiver that fits your or your loved ones in Home Health Care needs.

During the in-home consultation, we establish an on-call emergency guide that includes,

  • Primary Physician
  • Additional Physician
  • Pharmacy
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Advanced Directives (legal guardian, power of attorney, emergency instructions

American Board of Home Care Member

24HR HomecareThe reason for the creation of the American Board of Home Care (ABHC) was that a number health care providers’ were actually nothing more than matchmaking services. A client calls for someone to help with meals and an independent contractor is given the assignment. There is no supervision of the independent contractor, no insurance provided, sketchy or no background checks and a number of other issues with the independent contractor model of providing in home care.

Membership in ABHC is only available to companies that employ, supervise, and insure their employees. ABHC members, including 24HR Homecare, are the best in home care companies in the United States. ABHC has three main goals,

1. Education – educate governments, businesses, families and seniors about the benefits of hiring home care companies that do business legally and ethically.

2. To promote legal and ethical business in the home care industry, thereby improving both industry standards and consumer confidence.

3. To serve as a platform for unified action and the development of common, lawful standards of professional conduct among in home care companies.

When looking for a company experienced in giving in home care to your or a loved one, 24HR Homecare offers,

  • Flexibility in scheduling;
  • Disease management for chronic illness such as diabetes or heart disease
  • Insured and bonded staff
  • Supports and follows the mission and goals of the American Board of Home Care
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • Award winning services


24HR HomecareOur growing company has offices throughout California including San Diego, and Santa Clara, offices in Texas including Dallas, and also in Arizona including Scottsdale.

Contact us today at 800-522-1516 to learn more or arrange an in home care free consultation.


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