Norilsk: Web-Documentary In Progress

Posted on Wednesday, November 4th, 2015 by

NorilskDocumentaries can be very interesting, but with Norilsk viewers can experience all facets of a documentary and what’s being filmed.

Experience It All

NorilskWhen watching documentaries, viewers see what the camera wants them to see. In general, camera men do an good job of filming all important aspects of the subject. They collect interviews, images, follow people around, etc. but many documentaries is just for viewing. Here enters Norilsk, the web-documentary that is interactive for viewers. There are two paths viewers can take (don’t worry, you can go back and pick the other one). Either choose to learn about the history of Norilsk, or experience the present. The history provides a timeline of the town and the most important events that have taken place. If you choose a the “now” path, viewers can explore certain spots in the city (the airport, nickel/copper plant, sea port, etc.). While viewing each spot, you can turn the picture like one would do in Google Maps and see a 360 degree view of the area. Once you click on an area, the video starts showing what’s happening. It’s interesting to see what goes on on a daily basis in Norilsk, because until 2016, the town has been closed to everyone except Russians and Belarusians. Starting next year, the airport will begin to accept international flights. Norilsk is a different way to view and experience a documentary and see a new part of the world.


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