Plumfund: Giving Feels Good

Posted on Wednesday, June 8th, 2016 by

PlumfundPlumfund gives everyone the opportunity to join a crowdfunding site without having to fit into a specific category.

Help Anyone

PlumfundCrowdunding sites tend be directed towards specific categories or ideas (science, education, medical bills, etc.). But lots of people have good ideas or need a bit of help that aren’t always given the attention they deserve. With Plumfund, everyone has the opportunity to crowdfund. To create plumfund, start with your idea and create, share with the easy to use site and then receive offline or online payments. To donate to anyone’s page, browse the large amounts of topics and find something that interests you or you believe in. Some of the categories include: travel, birthday, medical, retirement, sports and so much more. Each project gives a description of what money is being raised for, how it will be used and other information regarding the project. Plumfund was created by real people, and for real people.


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