Beme: Share Video Honestly

Posted on Wednesday, June 8th, 2016 by

BemeShare what’s actually happening, not the filtered version with Beme.


BemeThe world is addicted to Snapchat these days, but is Snapchat completely authentic? Well it’s authentic, but videos and images can be filtered, edited and altered in different ways. Beme shares video instantly and there is no time to add a geo-tag, emojis and filters. Simply hold the phone against your chest (camera facing out), and film what you’re doing. As soon as you take the phone away from your chest, the video stops and is shared instantly with whoever you’re following. You won’t be able to watch it back, re-do it or even select who it’s sent to. Your followers can send you reactions of themselves while watching your Beme too. Beme aims to give you perspectives from all over the world, featuring real life in real time.


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