Platejoy: Your Partner In Personal Nutrition

Posted on Tuesday, May 12th, 2015 by

platejoy5Platejoy creates personalized recipes and shopping lists to fit your (healthy) lifestyle.

Create Your Custom Menu

platejoy2Platejoy acts as your digital personal nutritionist, giving you recipe ideas and ingredient lists that will help you cook and eat more healthily. The site includes recommendations for how to adhere to certain dietary guidelines — such as a paleo diet or a vegetarian diet — but it’s also flexible in creating a unique menu to fit your needs. After setting up an account on Platejoy, the site takes you through a lifestyle quiz in order to better understand your dietary habits and your nutrition goals. In addition to simple questions about what kinds of food you like, the site also asks broader questions like “How do you feel about cooking?” and “What kind of milk do you prefer?”


Full-Service Food Delivery

platejoy1After filling out the entire lifestyle survey, Platejoy immediately returns a personalized menu to fit your wants and needs. It also includes the cost per week of receiving these meals and recipes. The price can seem quite high, but the quality of the food and the additional services Platejoy offers can usually make it worth it. In major cities where Platejoy offers full-service, the site also delivers fresh ingredients straight to your door. After going through the entire Platejoy process, you can browse each of the sites recommended individual meals and select which ones are appealing to you. Platejoy automatically selects from your broad list of meals, sending you food in a random order each week (or every 10 days). For a regularly-delivered, personalized menu of fresh ingredients and instructions on how to prepare them, Platejoy can’t be beat.


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