Pivotdesk: Find Shared Office Space

Posted on Thursday, June 23rd, 2016 by

PivotDeskSometimes your business is growing quickly and you need more space, or there just isn’t enough money for a huge office space yet. PivotDesk provides office space to companies in need.

Sharing Is Caring

PivotDeskPivotDesk give businesses the opportunity to grow within the real estate game by matching companies that have more space than they need, with companies that need that space. It’s expensive to rent a whole office for everyone, especially if money is tight. PivotDesk provides flexible agreements that eliminate long term leases, giving a cost efficient way to use money and the opportunity to grow businesses at the same time. If you need the space, search through postings and find the right space. Simple contact the host with questions or to set up tours. If you’re posting available space, just describe how much room you have, how many people can fit and the price. Once the host and guest decide it’s a good fit for everyone, the guests move in, payments are processed monthly and agreements can be canceled with a 30 day notice. PivotDesk is incredibly easy for companies that need some space to help grow their business, without spending their whole budget.


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