Box Island: A Mobile Coding Game for Kids

Posted on Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016 by

Box IslandCoding may seem like something kids won’t have fun doing, but with Box Island coding becomes a game. Who doesn’t love a good game?

A Coding Adventure!

Box IslandCoding makes up basically everything we do online, so it makes sense that it’s an important skill to have. While coding isn’t the most exciting thing to be doing, Box Island is making it a fun adventure for kids. Box Island is an award winning coding adventure game for kids. It’s a mobile game that takes kids on an exciting adventure, while teaching the fundamentals of coding. Kids use basic coding skills to progress through the fun and challenging game. Learning to code alone might be a little much for kids to just learn, but because it’s paired with an engaging game, the process of learning to code may be easier and definitely more exciting. Coding skills kids learn include algorithmic thinking, pattern recognition, sequencing, loops and much more. We don’t want our kids playing on their electronic devices for to long, but with Box Island our kids are going to learn to code and have fun!

Box Island

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