Chuffed: Crowdfunding People Who Change the World

Posted on Thursday, June 23rd, 2016 by

ChuffedThere are so many people trying to change the world right now, but sometimes they need a little help to do so. Chuffed is crowd funding for non-profits.

Be The Change You Wish To See

ChuffedOrganizations seeking to do good in the world normally stand on the streets in bright colored vest with clipboards asking for a moment of your time. They mean well, but mostly that method gets them nowhere. Chuffed was created to do what these people are doing, but more effectively. Chuffed has found lots of great organizations doing amazing things in their communities. They’re screened (to make sure it’s legit) and then their projects are hosted on the site for people to browse through and choose from. Find a project that matters to you, and support with what you can. All of the project on the site are only for social causes, nothing benefits an individual how other crowd funding sites do. Chuffed makes it easier to help save the world than just providing a dollar or signature. Chuffed wants you to help change the world, by helping others who are already doing so.


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