Patreon: Be A Patron Of The Arts

Posted on Monday, July 27th, 2015 by

patreon5Patreon offers a way to support and engage with the creators you love.

A New Way To Monetize Creation

patreon2It’s never been easier to make and distribute creative content. Unfortunately, it’s never been more difficult to monetize that content. Every day, millions of artists are being robbed of the money they once rightfully deserved. Patreon offers a new way for people to support content creators. The word “creator” is used loosely by the site — anyone from musicians to bloggers, YouTubers and photographers can use the service. The platform basically lets fans become patrons to artists, supporting as much or as little as they’d like in order to give monetary value to the work they’re consuming. It’s unfortunate that many artists are unable to support themselves on their own or through the previously established institutions, but it’s great that an alternative option like Patreon exists.

Help Fund Artistic Careers

patreon3Patreon works on a reward-based model somewhat similar to Kickstarter. Creators establish prizes based on how much users donate on a monthly basis. It’s up to the creators to set the guidelines, but you could receive awards like a print from an artist you love or the ability to appear on one of your favorite podcasts. The site differs from Kickstarter in that you aren’t contributing to one particular project, but to the overall career of a creator. Your donation keeps artists working, and you’re able to receive their work in return. It’s a new way of doing things on both side of the equation, but it seems to be a fair platform overall. Whether you’re a fan or a creator, Patreon is worth exploring.


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