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Posted on Tuesday, October 13th, 2015 by

OzyWith Ozy, see more of the dynamic, inspiring, distinct world we share.

The New News

OzyOzy isn’t just another news site, it’s a news site you’ll actually love and enjoy reading. Ozy promises, “only original content, focused not simply on where the world is, but more importantly, where the world is going. Every morning, we set out to profile the people, places, trends and technology that are ahead of their time and worthy of yours”. Since Oxy’s launch, more than 200 Ozy storied have been three to six months ahead of coverage by other media outlets. Their audience has grown to millions of monthly site visits. Some of Ozy’s partners include: NPR, CNN, USA TODAY, Huffington Post, PBS NewsHour, MSN and Axel Springer (so you know these aren’t random stories, they’re legit).


All News Sites Are Boring When The Same

OzyIts seems in today’s World, all news sites are reporting on the same issues. The only difference is who breaks a story first and whether a news site has a known affiliation with a political party (then many of the stories tend to be biased based on the affiliation). Stories are also being reported after they happen, but Ozy is changing the way that works. The stories being featured are ahead of their time. Some may seem irrelevant to you at this point in time, but in half a year, what Ozy already shared could be the next big hit of a story. Ozy wants to prove that news can be edgy, educational, informative, and inspiring all at the same time. Ozy features different categories of stories. First, there’s the popular stories of the day. There’s the PDB (The Presidential Daily Brief) which features what the President could actually be reading that morning with his coffee. Then there are unique sections, topics and some videos too. If you’re bored of the same news being reported, head over to Ozy featuring new news you may not see anywhere else.



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