Defeat All Orcs

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Defeat All OrcsIt’s time to save the World once again, and Defeat All Orcs

Be The Hero!

Defeat All OrcsAll you have to do when playing Defeat All Orcs is obviously, defeat the orcs and save the World (no biggie right?) While using the ‘arrow keys’ you will have to collect gold coins, keys, and stars. Just jump over a few death traps, climb some walls, knock a few stone statues over, and defeat the orcs of course! It seems fairly simple, but there are A LOT of coins to gather, quite a few walls to scale that aren’t the shortest and many orcs to beat. If at any point, you’re confused about what to do or how to play, the little wood signs will remind you once you’ve walked past them. Your little character may seem small, but he’s got a big job to do. Defeat All Orcs and save the World, it’s all you have to do.

Defeat All Orcs

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