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PronounPronoun is a free publishing site that helps you every step of the way.

The Great American Novel

PronounPronoun is a publishing platform that helps authors create, sell, and market their books. With the help of Pronoun, these books won’t just float off into Cyber Space after created. Pronoun creates and ebook, and within minutes it can be selling on Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Google Play. Once a book is published, authors have unlimited access to their books. Updates can be made anytime, and daily sales can be tracked. When authors use Pronoun, all they really have to do is write their book (easy, right?). Pronoun crunches all the data from each retailer and then sends suggestions regarding pricing, positioning, etc. all for your very own book.

Be A Best Selling Author In No Time

PronounOne of the best features about Pronoun is that it’s completely free, with no upfront costs, and authors keep 100% of their earnings. Some offers are optional paid services or tools for the future, but their main focus is to help you the author create the best possible book you can. They’re focused on you. Pronoun also works with large media companies such as: The New York Times, Forbes, and Fast Company (they definitely know what they’re doing). When you create an account with Pronoun they’ll receive: a free ISBN, claim your author page, and early access to their platform. With the help of Pronoun, hard working authors write their book only focusing on the writing, Pronoun publishes it distributing it to all major retailers and faster than anyone, and others read it with the help of smart marketing! How can any hopeful author pass up an opportunity to work with Pronoun?






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