Overtime: The Game Never Ends

Posted on Monday, September 28th, 2015 by

overtime1Overtime is an app for fans to share and discuss all things sports.

A Social Network for Superfans

overtime2The fall is a great time for sports. Baseball is entering the playoffs, football season just started, soccer’s still going, hockey’s about to start. It’s the perfect time to download Overtime, an app dedicated to all things sports. The app is basically a social network for sports fans of all types — a place for fans to connect, share and discuss everything related to their favorite teams, players, and games. From skateboarding and surfing to UFC and women’s basketball, every sport is represented on the app. True, the major American sports tend to dominate the conversation. But any fan can find something worthwhile on Overtime.

Join (or GIF) The Conversation

overtime4The content on Overtime is organized overtime3by feeds, typically centered around a particular hashtag (like #dunks or #debate). If you don’t see a feed on the topic you’re looking for, you can always start your own. You can also participate in any feed, uploading images, gifs or text. Clips of games are a popular way to communicate on the app, as are reaction gifs or videos of your own sporting experiences from real, everyday life. As games are going on, there are typically live feeds for fans of both teams to comment. You can stay in contact with likeminded sports fans on every play. If you’re a fan of any sport and own an Apple device, you should probably download Overtime now.

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