Modern Bathroom’s Guide to Picking the Perfect Faucet

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Modern Bathroom's Guide to Picking the Perfect FaucetEvery faucet has a personality and behavior all its own. Knowing the different types of faucets available to you and how each type looks and functions will help you pick the right faucet for your bathroom. This guide will walk you through the various styles, colors and types of faucet.

Pick a Faucet Type

The type of faucet you choose will affect its functionality and ease of installation. People generally pick the type of faucet based on a variety of factors including the shape of the sink, the size of the holes already drilled into the sink, and aesthetic preferences. Below are the most common types:

Centerset faucets. Centerset faucets work with the majority of sinks. Many centerset faucets feature a single spout in the Modern Bathroom's Guide to Picking the Perfect Faucetmiddle and handles on either side. Centerset faucets fit into sinks with outer holes drilled at a distance of 4 inches apart.

Widespread faucets. Widespread faucets feature three separate pieces, including a spout and separate handles. The outer holes on widespread mounts are usually around 8 inches apart. Single hole. Single hole faucets can have one handle or two, but will require only one hole to be drilled in the sink. Sinks that were originally drilled for a centerset faucet with 3 holes can still accommodate a single hole faucet if you use the optional plate cover.

Modern Bathroom's Guide to Picking the Perfect FaucetVessel faucet. Faucets for vessel sinks need to reach up and over the lip of the sink. Vessel faucets are taller than standard faucets.

Wall-mounted. These faucets are mounted to the wall and are ideal for vessel-style sinks. Wall-mounted faucets can’t be used with sinks that have pre-drilled holes, and require a separate valve and drain. Wall-mounted faucets can make a splash and can be messy with shallow sinks.

Choose a Style

Faucets come in a range of styles, from modern to traditional and an in-between style known as transitional. Modern styles are simple and sleek, with few extra curves and flourishes to decorate the fixture. The beauty of a modern faucet is its minimalist, smooth exterior. Traditional faucets will come with decorative curves and fancy details. Transitional faucets have fewer decorative details than traditional faucets, but more decoration than modern faucets. When picking a type of faucet for your bathroom, match the style of the faucet to the overall aesthetic sensibility of the bathroom. Bathrooms that feature clean lines and simple, geometric patterns on the walls and floors are more suitable for modern faucets. Bathrooms with fancy monogrammed towels, decorative hand carved vanities and floral wallpapers may better with a traditional faucet.

Modern Bathroom's Guide to Picking the Perfect Faucet

Choose a Finish

Modern Bathroom's Guide to Picking the Perfect FaucetFaucets come in a range of finishes and are made from a variety of metals. From darkest brown to lightest, shiniest chrome, the colors and varieties are practically endless. Still, even given all the variety, many home decorators choose common metals that are silver-colored,Modern Bathroom's Guide to Picking the Perfect Faucet gold-colored or some form of bronze. Unusual colors like copper and black, though available, are more difficult to find and less commonly used. Faucet finishes also come in polished, brushed and oil-rubbed, so you can have your choice between super shiny, matte and whatever comes in between. The color you pick for your faucet should depend in part on the other colors that appear in your bathroom. Whatever your preferences, Modern Bathroom has hundreds of faucets available online, they also carry a vast choice of bathroom vanities. Our faucets come in a range of mounts, styles and finishes, so you can pick the type of faucet most suitable for your sink type and bathroom. No matter what your bathroom faucet needs are, we’ve got a faucet you’ll love.

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