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Senate on YouTube – Discover, connect and engage with your government. This is your backstage pass to the U.S. Senate, on YouTube. Find your Senator’s YouTube channel by clicking your state on the map. The content in each Senator’s YouTube channel is controlled by each Senate office. The Senate Hub is maintained by YouTube, as a way for you to engage directly with your Senators. Additional related channels include House of Representatives and Citizen Tube. So what are you waiting for? Tune in and learn what’s going on. Here’s one to get you started: Speaker Pelosi Presents Capitol Cat Cam.

wikiHow – wikiHow is a wiki, a website which anyone can write and edit. Any wikiHow visitor can create a new page that explains how to do something (i.e How to french kiss). Once the page is submitted, any other visitor can edit, improve by addition or change the page’s content. Over time, the quality of the page receives a serious boost since many people join in and make improvements. All changes on the site are displayed on recent changes as well as by clicking on the history tab of each specific article. wikiHow does the job alright, because as much as we tend to believe that most people are incapable of producing high quality content, the opposite seems to prevail. I guess that’s due to a large number of people who approach writing with a good disposition as well as ample positive attitude. However, if vandalism, nonsense, and inappropriate material somehow makes its way into wikiHow, their contributors will remove it quickly. For more information and to learn how to create your own wikiHow page, you should start by taking the wikiHow Tour.

Uncrate – Uncrate is a web magazine for guys who love stuff. Uncrate “tests and highlights cool items that range from gadgets to clothes to cars. Five new products are added on every weekday for your perusal,” so stay tuned (I subscribed). This site is pretty straight forward and as always, I’ll share my personal faves with you or what I’d like to call  ‘any man’s wish list’: Philips Cinema 21:9 LCD TV, 2010 Jaguar XFR, Steve Jobs Lives T-Shirt and Jennifer Aniston posing the Brooks Brothers Triple Guard Stripe Tie. And if you are one of our female readers, then this would be a great resource for gift ideas so you could show your man how much you love him. Give him something that will actually come into use!

Top Songs of 2008 – Every day, thousands of people around the world write about the music they love. The Hype Machine gathers almost all of it and produces one main platform for music blog discussions. Considering the fact that 2008 is just behind us, The Hype Machine decided that now is the perfect time for reviewing and ranking the best 50 Artists, 50 Albums and 50 Songs of the previous year. What I admire The Hype Machine the most for is that instead of following the ranks of magazine editors and big label marketers, they followed their own – the music bloggers. Personally, I think their ranking system could use a few upgrades because how can anyone put a numerical grade on art? Nonetheless, I still found it useful and enriching in terms of my own music knowledge. I was pleasantly surprised by one of my fave new artists – Lykke Li, she made it into the sixth spot. Dance, Dance, Dance.

Fatburgr – Ever wondered how much calories hide in your fave burger? Worry no more because FatBurger has gathered that information for you. The report is quite short and includes calories, fat and carbs. Despite the rather concise report it definitely gives you the idea about the fats we consume. Define your search by Restaurants such as Mcdonalds, BK, Arby’s and more, or by categories such as Burgers, Chicken, Chips and Sides. Writers tip: I am not an avid anti-fast fooder myself but I am a stern believer in moderation. Once a week is enough. Right?

FooPets – FooPets are realistically looking virtual puppies and kittens; they get hungry and thirsty, enjoy playing with toys, crave attention, and love being spoiled by their owners. They provide true companionship and remind people of all ages the proper care, commitment and joy of pet ownership. Just like real pets, FooPets’ health and well being depends on regular feedings and care patterns. Remember, this experience simulates reality. When not fed and cared for regularly, a FooPet will be sad, and may get sick or even worse. Does the name Tamagochi ring any bells? Just like in reality, food costs money and you can buy FooDollars for real money. But that would be throwing your money away, since you can earn FooDollars by referring your account to others, visiting your pet everyday, feeding or just by playing catch. I do my best to visit my dog everyday and I would love her to have some friends. Follow this referring link and our dogs/cats shall be joined together.

23/6 – Being a politician is a darn hard occupation. People of this vocation might have been elected by the people, but the same people that had voted for them in the first place like to laugh at their chosen politician’s often grave situations. 23/6 is a hilarious political satire that does exactly that just when George W. Bush is receiving most of the heat. But even the loved-by-all Obama gets his daily grilling session. BTW: this site is brought to you by The Huffington Post which is a major online news resource that covers the serious side of politics. Go figure…

Daily Dose of ImageryDaily Dose of Imagery is a simple view of Sam Javarouh‘s day to day visual experiences. In simpler terms, it’s Javarouh’s personal photoblog. He posts just one photo a day – that’s it. No agenda, no underlining concept, just an amazing collection of stunning photos. Icy water at Toronto’s Harbourfront is my favorite photo, what’s yours? If you want to learn a bit more about the person behind the camera, I suggest you check this interview. Enjoy – it is stunning!

Special Officer Academy – Contrary to what the 80’s slap stick movie series taught you about it, admission to the Special Officer Academy isn’t as easy as you might think. After all, you could potentially be the one they are looking for. Have you got what it takes to become a special officer? This is not a war strategy game, it is a mind game that resembles bloxorz, but with a military discipline (ticking clock and mean, butch sergeant) attitude. This game is 100% enjoyment. See if you can rank above the average. And if, by any chance, you are looking for more mind games, check our Thinking Games Faveline.

Papa’s PizzeriaHelp Roy run the pizzeria while Papa Louie is gone! You’ll have to take orders, top and bake the pizzas, cut them to order and present the finished pies to the waiting customers. Keep up the good work to earn more customers and collect Star Badges! For more Skill Games, check right HERE.

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