CBS News – The Full Barack Obama’s Inauguration Story

Posted on Monday, January 26th, 2009 by

Inauguration, Barack Obama – It’s funny how throughout my 34 years on this earth, I never considered the US President’s inauguration ceremony to be such a monumental event that should be so vastly covered by the media. Nevertheless, this time I couldn’t afford to miss it, could I? Barak Obama’s inauguration was a media frenzy and for a good reason. In terms of the event’s coverage, AllMyFaves is taking its part; from the vast number of sites that offered Barack Obama’s inauguration story, we decided to feature on our Weekly Faves the CBS News website which, in our view, offered the most comprehensive and in-depth inauguration story. Although the compelling day of Obama’s inauguration is over, you can still enjoy it and reminisce. I found the following articles to be the most engaging: Inauguration through a Child Eyes , Michelle’s Sense of Style and Obama’s Inaugural Address . Important update: For those of you who used to follow Obama via the website, the transition of administration has officially ended and behold the era of the new Obama administration. You are invited to join Barack Obama at Still longing for George W. Bush? Check out his Official WhiteHouse site and get your fix.

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