One Month: Build Something In 30 Days

Posted on Thursday, July 9th, 2015 by

onemonth1Learn to code and build web applications in One Month.

You Can Learn A Lot In One Month

onemonth2One Month is a programming instruction site that promises to get its students building real applications as quickly and efficiently as its name suggests. Within one month, users are expected to have coding skills applicable to obtaining a career as a programmer. That’s a much quicker turnaround time than more expensive options like programming bootcamps offer. As with any self-guided online school, using One Month takes a good amount of hard work and self-discipline. Users can choose to take longer than a month to complete their course(s) if they want, but the idea is that every course can be completed in that amount of time. You’d be surprised how much you can learn in one month.


What Would You Really Like To Build?

onemonth3One Month gets its students started by asking what they would like to build. Correct answers include: a website, a mobile app, an audience or a business. You can also claim that you want to build everything. The diversity of the courses offered shows how One Month helps students learn all aspects of the startup and entrepreneurial world — from coding to running a successful business. The site offers instruction in several different languages, each course focused on building an actual product rather than the abstract language learning you might find on sites like Codeacademy. There are many useful online schools for aspiring programmers out there, but those that want a quicker course with practice building real life applications should look into One Month.


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