Old Web Today: Internet Throwback

Posted on Saturday, December 12th, 2015 by

Screen shot 2015-12-11 at 4.33.22 PMOld Web Today is taking users back in time to take a look at what Internet sites used to look like.

A Blast From The Past

Old Web TodayThe Internet really didn’t become a ‘thing’ until the early 1990s (so forever ago), and since then it hasn’t slowed down a bit. A lot has changed about the Internet since then, and Old Web Today is allowing users to take a look back at Internet history. Old Web Today is extremely easy to use. Copy and paste a link to your favorite website into the url bar. Then, select the browser that you’re using or would have used. Let everything generate and then have a good throwback. Users are shown what the website they’ve chosen looked like at the time of their choosing. The archives go back to as early as 1991, depending on the website. For example: Facebook wasn’t around in the 90s, so there would be no page to go back to. If users just want to see variety of different websites, just click ‘random’ and a variety of sites will pop up. For each site someone browses, they’ll have 10 minutes on that site. After time’s up, back to the homepage for more browsing. It’s also cool to pick different browsers for each option to see the differences everyone had. The Internet has come so far since everyone started using it, but Old Web Today is taking us back in time.

Old Web Today

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