Dublab: Future. Roots. Radio

Posted on Saturday, December 12th, 2015 by

Screen shot 2015-12-11 at 4.00.48 PMDublab is dedicated to the growth of music, arts, and culture.

Dubbing and Laboratory, Remixed

DublabDublab is a non-profit, online radio station dedicated to the growth of music, arts and culture. They started broadcasting from Los Angeles in 1999, and their mission is “to share freeform radio transmissions with an international audience”. Programming has also expanded to include production of art exhibits, films, events and record releases. Broadcasts are transmitted via Shoutcast with an open format and live four days a week with two hour shows hosted by 30 DJs. The shows are also archived and downloadable on the Dublab website. Everyday, Dublab posts their schedule of the shows for the day making sure nobody misses their favorite broadcasts. They’ve even created a broadcast finder, making it easier than ever to find a missed broadcast or listeners favorites. The resident DJs have a variety of sound, creating something for everyone. While browsing Dublab’s webpage, some music will pop up for listening pleasure. Dublab even has affiliate stations in Germany, Japan, and Spain. There’s something for everyone on Dublab, explore and listen to find it.


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