Bubble: Build Your Startup By Pointing And Clicking

Posted on Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 by

BubbleYou don’t need to be an engineer to build your startup, you just need the help of Bubble.

Building From The Ground Up

BubbleIt seems today that unless someone has training to code, build websites/apps, and other technological skills, it’s hard to develop your own website, app, game or etc. Bubble is trying to change that creation process so everyone can use the tools to build what they need. Bubble wants everyone to be able to create their own programs with out having someone else do it for them. Bubble is the easiest way to build anything without the help of coding, and they help you every step of the way. Bubble users are a mix of developers and individuals with no programming background. Bubble is also amazing for anyone in a partnership creating a new project. It’s hard to share work, when one partner has no programming experience, but now everyone involved can do their share and really build something together.


All The Bells And Whistles

BubbleThere are four easy steps to start creating with Bubble. It starts with drag and drop. The builder makes it incredible simple to create any app without ANY technical skills. All the elements one could possibly need are added simply by dragging and dropping them in place. There are no templates, so no rules to follow. Everything is 100% unique. With total control of the creative process, pick the actions that each function has. The total control creators have is the same as coding the functions, except there is no coding! With the elements and actions library, manage user account, make a data structure, send emails and more. External services include: processing payments, manage email lists and analytics, there’s a whole list to pick from. Request features if they’re missing as well. While the base package is free, there are opportunities to upgrade. Bubble is the best place to create an app where everyone can be involved, even individuals without any coding and programming experience. It can be a true partnership or group when everyone is involved. Create the app that everyone is is waiting to experience with Bubble!


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