Null Electronics: Hayden Quinn’s Interactive Album

Posted on Wednesday, March 18th, 2015 by

null5Null Electronics is an interactive album created by Australian electronic artist Hayden Quinn.

Examine All 7 Specimens

null1Null Electronics‘ homepage appears to be a demonstration of a new technology project. The homepage greets users by informing them they’re about to sample “Null Electronics Corporation’s 2015 line of audio-electronic products.” Null Electronics Corporation, of course, is a fake company. The site actually features a new EP from Australian electronic artist Hayden Quinn (who, for this project at least, goes by the name Null). The theme of the site continues past the homepage, where each of the songs are available for streaming as Null Electronics Corporation “test specimens” and “test subjects.” You interact with the site by clicking on any of these specimens.


An Interactive, Audio/Visual Experiment

null3Null Electronics‘ specimens are treated like scientific glass slides, analyzing some fictional mixture of chemicals and materials. The song immediately begins playback, and there’s a Soundcloud-like stream of the track at the bottom of the screen that lets you pause or skip to the section that you want to hear. During each song, the rest of the screen is filled with a different, beautiful, kaleidoscope-like design. As you move your mouse cursor around the screen, the image is manipulated in many different ways. There are also three videos included on the site (under the “subjects” section) that include similarly crazy design and color manipulation. The site’s design is top-notch, and the songs are pretty great as well.


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