Betterific: Crowdsourcing Innovation

Posted on Wednesday, March 18th, 2015 by

betterific5Betterific is a platform for consumers to post ideas they have that will potentially make products and companies better.

Wouldn’t It Be Better If…

betterific1Betterific is a crowdsourcing platform that, unlike Kickstarter or Indiegogo, doesn’t involve money. Instead, the site crowdsources ideas. The Betterific platform allows users to submit sentences that finish the following phrase: “Wouldn’t it be better if…” The intent is that users will submit ideas for existing products, companies, apps, TV shows or experiences. Examples include “Wouldn’t it be better if Waze could map me to the nearest parking spot next to my destination” and “Wouldn’t it be better if the iPhone allowed a password to enable “guest mode” that locked private data (text, emails, and recent calls) but allowed access to apps and such.” The best ideas receive upvotes from other users and funnel up to the top of the list.


Submit To Company-Sponsored Challenges

betterific3Betterific has also been used by companies in order to seek out advice in improving their own brands. Companies post challenges, asking users to submit ideas for a new product or an improvement on an existing one. The best ideas receive some sort of compensation — either a gift certificate to the company or its products. The site is counterintuitive to those of the entrepreneurial mindset: if you have a good idea, why don’t you just make a new product yourself? For the average consumer, however, it provides a great platform to connect with the companies and brands in order to let them know how their services could be improved. If you participate in the company challenges, you just might receive a reward. Betterific is still in beta, but it’s a strong platform that already has a great community of users.


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