Newser – News’ Bottom Line is Just as Effective

Posted on Monday, November 16th, 2009 by

newser Newser – Staying on top of today’s news can be overwhelming as the Web’s real time feeds of various sorts require the consumption of copious amounts of data and text on our part. That’s why we have RSS, readers and other filtering mediums available. But even with such content aids, as soon as you click on say, a New York Times article, chances are there are multiple lengthened pages ahead for you to read. So if getting the gist of a news story is what you’re after, I suggest that you visit Newser. With a maximum of two paragraphs per story, this sophisticated news aggregator “combines the wisdom of editors and the power of technology, offering, we believe, a richer, smarter, and more entertaining news experience.” Do they keep that promise? Oh yes. Here’s an example.

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