The Purse Page – Falling into the Clutches of Fashion, Delightedly

Posted on Monday, November 16th, 2009 by

pursepage The Purse Page – Last week I mentioned how much we appreciate and encourage recommendations. Well, this week we have yet another Weekly Fave that sprung from a recommendation we received from Erin Booker at Outblush. She gave us the tip of the Purse Page and we’re delighted she decided to share it with us. Both Outblush and the Purse Page are featured on our Women Mini Faves page, along with other juicy resources for the fairer sex.

The Purse Page is, in one word, fabulous. It’s updated frequently with excellent content any woman will appreciate, and the blog features designer bags and celebrity stars rocking those totes, clutches and wallets. I was so impressed with this blog that I sent my girlfriend an email with a link to three designs I was particularly impressed by (see them below). Her reaction said it all: “my boyfriend has exquisite taste.” Hope you will also find these as delightful as I did.

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