MyRecipes – Cooking with Web 2.0 Makes a Sizzling Foody Community

Posted on Monday, December 28th, 2009 by

myrecipes MyRecipes – Cooking delicious meals doesn’t necessarily mean toiling for hours on end in the kitchen. Now that Christmas dinners are over and done with (thank god!), we can get back to the easy going cooking attitude. Whether you’re not a big fan of preparing dishes more complex than an omelet, or you’re a gourmet fanatic craving for sophisticated dishes, check out MyRecipes. It’s a comprehensive, user-rated resource for all things cooked, and also offers great tips and information on spirits, beers and cocktails. If you’re wondering what MyRecipes had for the Christmas dinner, here’s their menu. And below is a mouth-watering photo of this terrific Chicken Parmesan recipe I found interesting (it scored a whopping 5 star rating!).

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