Sketcharoo – What’s On My Mind (and on your screen)?

Posted on Monday, December 28th, 2009 by

sketcharoo Sketcharoo – Guessing games are always fun (as long as these remain within the context of entertainment and recreation). Pictionary is a well known guessing game and an all time favorite, but as of yet it has no official online multiplayer version. Otago University in New Zealand has created exactly such a game as “part of a research project at the Department of Design Studies, University of Otago New Zealand.” Their aim is “to investigate games that translate ‘serious work tasks’ into multi-user online games and to compare them to conventional online surveys.” Why not participate in a mutually beneficial project where users contribute to the University’s research, while having a hell of a time playing Sketcharoo? I needn’t say more, it’s quite obvious. Here’s to Otago U’s Department of Design Studies – great job guys!

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