Muscle Surprise: An Interactive Old Spice Ad

Posted on Thursday, July 23rd, 2015 by

oldspice1Explore the strange worlds hidden in Terry Crews’ body on Muscle Surprise.

An Interactive Old Spice Guy

musclesurprise4Old Spice has always had one of the strangest, most absurdly entertaining marketing campaigns. Whether or not you like or use the product, their ads are usually memorable. Muscle Surprise is an online, interactive advertisement for Old Spice. It’s also one of their most insane creations yet. The ad stars Terry Crews, playing the role “Old Spice Guy” Isaiah Mustafa typically plays. Crews begins the ad by yelling about all the different Old Spice products he needs to mask his body’s “powerful” smell. The ad then turns interactive, letting you click on different muscle parts of Crews’ body in order to explore them further.



Crazy Characters

musclesurprise1No matter where you click on Muscle Surprise, another strange clip featuring Crews in a different costume plays back. His abdominal muscles, for instance, contain an 80s-style workout guy. There are little games for every one of those characters, like opening the doors to all the muscles to provide music for the 80’s abs workout guy’s exercise routine. The same characters keep reappearing in different scenarios every time you complete one game and begin another. Some of the characters are funny. Some are incredibly random, like the saxophone playing robot that comes out of his lower side. You could spend a long time watching the videos if you find them entertaining enough, but it takes a while to get through them all and the style starts to get repetitive after a while. There’s also a progress bar in the upper right corner letting you know how far you’ve gotten. If you’re going to purposefully seek out any advertisement, this is the one to watch.


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