Makeshift: A Field Guide To Hidden Creativity

Posted on Tuesday, March 10th, 2015 by

makeshift5Makeshift is an online magazine dedicated to uncovering hidden creativity around the world.

Creativity Is Everywhere

makeshift3Makeshift pushes the boundaries of what it means to be a magazine in 2015. It’s published entirely online (although there is a print equivalent), with stunningly beautiful images and design. The full-time staff spans six different countries, and contributing writers come from all over the world. The stories themselves are just as internationally-focused, covering things as diverse as metalworking artists in Kenya and bicycle machines in Guatemala. The magazine truly digs deep and discovers the creative things that individuals are doing all around the globe. Each article is accompanied by information about the author, his or her home base, and other relevant information pertaining to the topic explored.


A New Breed of Magazine

makeshift4The one limitation of Makeshift is that much of its content sits behind a paywall. Each issue makes some of its articles available for free preview on its website, but you have to make a purchase if you want to access the whole thing. A digital copy is a relatively expensive $8, and the print edition costs $15. For access to both, it’s $17. Makeshift has only published two issues thus far, so perhaps these numbers will change over time. For now, the free stories are high-quality and enjoyable, and purchasing the magazine is worth the cost. Each issue is organized around a particular theme — the most recent being “Ritual” — and it’s interesting to read about all the amazing things taking place in unsuspecting locations throughout the world.


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