LyricsTraining: Learn The Lyrics Of Your Favorite Songs

Posted on Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015 by

lyricstraining5LyricsTraining is an easy and fun way to improve your foreign language skills, through the music videos and lyrics of your favorite songs.

Online Karaoke

LyricsTraining is like the karaoke version of YouTube. It contains tons of music videos, lyricstraining4with the lyrics synced in real-time beneath each one as you play it back. When you click on a video, you can select from a few different options. The beginner mode randomly selects only 10% of the words to have you fill, the intermediate mode selects 25%, advanced mode selects 50% and expert mode lets you sing all the words to the song. You can also print a full version of the lyrics to read along. The print pages let you click on words to put and remove blanks where you need extra practice, forcing you to remember them on your own.

Improve Your Language Through Song

lyricstraining2The reason LyricsTraining emphasizes learning just a few words at a time isn’t just so you can become an expert at the latest Taylor Swift songs (although that’s one way to use the site). The site actually advertises itself as a language-learning tool, arguing that listening and reciting the popular music of a particular language is one of the best ways to learn new vocabulary and expressions. It’s an effective and fun way of learning, and you can select videos from nine different languages (with Japanese and Catalan just added). You can also search for videos across several genres. Whether you’re actively trying to improve your language skills or you just want to do some karaoke, LyricsTraining can provide hours of entertaining instruction.


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