Lyrics Training – Listen to the Music (and Learn)

Posted on Monday, March 1st, 2010 by

lyricstraining Lyrics Training – Learning new languages is never easy, but it’s certainly doable. There is always the conventional methods of textbooks, audiobooks, and a great number of websites (see our Languages faveline on the Education Page). All these options are excellent tools for language acquisition, but there is an even better facilitator out there for free: Lyrics Training. This amazing website (currently still in Beta) offers language learning through an attractive and effective interface, combining YouTube music videos and a dynamic lyrics board.

After you choose your desired language and level of difficulty, take your pick out of the offered videos and begin. As the video/song is playing, you’ll notice random spots of blank spaces on the lyrics board. That’s where the actual language learning comes into play on your part. And since practice makes perfect, learners develop comprehension, reading and writing skills all in one setting. Above all, Lyrics Training is fun-tastic! To get a sample of the Lyrics Training power, see this video, targeted at beginners in Italian.

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