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Posted on Monday, March 1st, 2010 by

adfreak AdFreak – Concepts of commercials, whether on TV or online, don’t spring into being out of nowhere. There is a close connection between our society and our collective values, and the product or lifestyle ads are trying to sell us. AdFreak is the best venue to discuss the relations between culture and advertisement. The site offers superb content and excellent post-mortem analysis of contemporary commercials.

Edited by Tim Nudd, AdFreak provides “the best and worst of advertising, marketing, pop culture and more.” I found this blog to be extremely engaging and spot on in most points made. Although AdFreak targets the audience of marketing and advertising professionals, laypersons such as me and you could easily find great interest in this highly recommended blog. This is one of my favorites posts, concerning a video ad produced by the renowned Gia Coppola.

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