Lumo Lift: You Slouch, It Vibrates

Posted on Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016 by

Lumo LiftBad posture is something we can all avoid, and it just got easier with Lumo Lift.

Stop Slouching, Stand Up Straight!

Lumo LiftPoor posture is something we may not notice that we have, but others might or we might even feel it while standing or sitting. Even if we are aware, it’s hard to fix it over night. Lumo Lift is here to help. Lumo Lift is the most highly rated posture coaching wearable device. Lumo Lift can help improve your posture in as little as 14 days. While wearing the device, track your posture, daily steps, distance traveled and calories burned. Throughout the day, receive vibrational reminders to adjust your posture with customizable features. Set goals for yourself through the app and track your progress over time. Simply attach your Lumo Lift app to your top and work with it and your app throughout the day to help improve your posture.

Lumo Lift

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