Roadie: The First On-the-way Delivery Network

Posted on Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016 by

RoadieShipping something anywhere can be a hassle, but Roadie is making your life and shipping needs a whole lot easier.

Where To?

RoadieTrying to ship something isn’t always the most fun we could be having, but sometimes it has to get done. Whether a package has to be delivered a few minutes away, or across the country, it’s not always easy. Roadie makes it easier for people to ship items, no matter the location. Start by creating a gig (a delivery or shipment) and Roadie will connect you with a driver that is headed in that direction. Once you post your items, drivers will make offers based on size, location and more. Once¬†you’ve pick someone to make the delivery, agree on a time and location for the item drop off. Even ensure your items for a small price, if what is being shipped is worth a little more. If you’re looking for a bit of extra cash, sign up to be a driver for Roadie. Roadie also has an app to help you track your packages along the way. Roadie is the easiest, and probably the fastest way to ship something with confidence.


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