Lomics: Live Comic Strips On the Go

Posted on Saturday, April 16th, 2016 by

LomicsWho knew making comics could be for every? With Lomics, anyone can make a comic!

Laugh Out Loud

LomicsLomics is an app that allows anyone to create professional and fun live comic strips wherever they go. Open the app and hold down the record button and capture the perfect images and videos for the comic strip. Lomics automatically recognizes your speech, create comic style speech bubbles and stickers. The comics can be about anything, and then share them with everyone on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Users can even send them directly via IMs and SMS. Lomics may assemble the comic, but users make it completely their own with the editing tools available for 100% customization. Lomics gives everyone a way to bring out their inner artist and comics are great way to tell short story for everyone to enjoy.


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