Audiofy: Listen to Any Article, Any Time

Posted on Saturday, April 16th, 2016 by

AudiofyAudiofy is a great app that would rather listen to an article or story, rather than read it on the screen of their phone or tablet.

Listen Up!

AudiofyAudiofy turns any article you into audio format and lets you listen to it off of your phone and tablet. Within just a few seconds, turn any article you’ve seen into an audio format. This app is perfect for anyone who may get motion sickness, poor vision, trouble reading screens for a long period of time, or for those who prefer listening instead of seeing. New languages and voices are being added every day for your listening pleasure. If you don’t finish, Audiofy remembers where you left off and brings you right back to that point when you’re ready to listen again. Whether you hate staring at a screen or want to do a bit of multitasking, Audiofy is a great app to listen to your favorite and interesting articles.


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