KiwiCrate: A Monthly Box Of Adventure

Posted on Monday, August 10th, 2015 by

kiwicrate5KiwiCrate sends you and your kids projects that inspire creativity and pique curiosity.

Creative Projects For Children Ages 4-8

kiwicrate3KiwiCrate is a subscription box service designed for kids ages 4-8. Each month, the company sends a box filled with creative projects for your children straight to your door. The contents of the box are always different, but generally centers around a particular theme. It’s intended to get your kids actively creating something or playing an educational/informative game. It’s also a great way to give parents and children something exciting to look forward to and accomplish on a monthly basis. Compared to other subscription services, Kiwicrate is relatively affordable. It costs just $16.95/month, and that includes free shipping.



Boxes For Children Of All Ages

kiwicrate4While KiwiCrate is put together for the specific audience of children ages 4-8, the company also makes boxes for children of other ages. Koala Crate caters to children ages 3-4, Tinker Crate is for children ages 9-14, and Doodle Crate is for children ages 9-16. All of the crates contain creative projects, the only variable is the degree of complexity. If you don’t sign up for a subscription, you can buy boxes on an individual basis. If you don’t even want to do that, you can also browse KiwiCrate’s “DIY” section in order to get inspiration for creative projects you can complete with your kids. It’s a cool company that puts together fun ways to keep your kids creatively engaged.


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