Faralong: Cheaper Travel Tours

Posted on Monday, August 10th, 2015 by

faralong5Faralong is a booking platform in which tours get cheaper when more people join.

Strength In Numbers

faralong2Traveling alone is a rewarding experience, but sometimes it’s good to have companions. Even if you don’t know the people you’re traveling with, it’s easy to make connections when doing new and exciting things. With Faralong, there’s even more of a reason to travel with others or join up with strangers for a trip. The more people that book a tour through the site, the cheaper those tours get. It’s an innovative idea from an Estonia-based online travel agency, offering adventures in exotic locations around the world. Costs for tours start at a certain price, which decreases based on the amount of people that sign up.


The More The Merrier. And Cheaper.

faralong3Through Faralong, you could book an African safari or a trek through Nepal. You could hike in Istanbul or explore the culture of Sri Lanka. The site’s tours literally span the globe and offer unique ways to experience different cultures. In most of the tours, the entire cost of the trip (excluding airfare) is included in the price. There’s a maximum starting cost, as well as a minimum cost if all of the tour slots are filled. Most tours take place on a regular basis, so you can choose the dates that work for your schedule. If you’re considering traveling abroad and looking for an awesome experience at a relatively affordable cost, consider booking your trip through Faralong. Some things are better (and cheaper) with others.


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