Joy: Your Whole Wedding in One Place

Posted on Wednesday, August 31st, 2016 by

JoyPlanning a wedding is stressful, but now there is finally a place that will help you through all of it and keep you organized. Joy is a website and app that does it all for you.

Just Say, “I Do”.

JoyJoy is a wedding app and website that is with the happy couple┬ábefore, during, and after their wedding. Forget carrying a huge wedding binder around with you, Joy has everything you need for your wedding in one place. You can create the perfect wedding website and app that makes sharing and coordinating all details of your wedding the easiest thing you’ll have to do (besides marrying the love of your life). Joy pretty much does everything for you, it will organize all your details for you and your guests. Showcase your wedding party and collect photos from guests that the photographer might miss. Guests can RSVP with your site and app, as well as answer other questions you might have for them. Joy really does do everything you need, even send out announcements and/or your invites too. Planning your wedding and keeping track of everything just got a lot easier with Joy.


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