Vidcode: Teach Teens to Code

Posted on Wednesday, August 31st, 2016 by

VidcodeCoding has become part of kids’ education today, but it can be hard to keep them interested if it doesn’t necessarily apply to them. Vidcode is teaching tweens and teens to code and making it cool.

Your Student’s Newest Obsession

VidcodeIt’s hard to always keep students excited in school, certainly when they don’t think the subject applies to them. Coding may one of those subjects for many, they might think it doesn’t apply to them. Thanks to Vidcode, teens are being connected to coding through their interests and hobbies. The creators of Vidcode believe that tech is creative and exciting and they wanted to share the passion with girls (who lose interest in math and science quicker than boys), showing them it can be cool! While Vidcode may have been built for girls, all students are loving it.


Created with Students in Mind

VidcodeOne issue students might have with coding, is that they don’t think that it really connects to them or that they need it. With Vidcode, students start creating projects right away. They can learn Instagram style filters, memes, music videos and more. Tutorials are for beginners and advanced coders; everyone can go at their own pace without thinking they’re holding others behind or feel stupid. The program allows for personalization, showing how much more coding can really do for everyone. The program even features tools for teachers to help students if they don’t have as much experience either. Everyone can learn from Vidcode. There is even a Snapchat project and the minute you mention Snapchat; you’ll have everyone’s attention. Vidcode is making it cool for tweens and teens to learn coding, and let’s face it, getting teens to think something is cool is a job all by its self.


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