Joho’s: Follow The Bean

Posted on Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015 by

johos4Follow the journey of the JOHO’s bean through the depths of the Brazilian fazendas.

Explore The Coffee Trade In Brazil

johos5All good coffee comes from somewhere. Johannes Hornig, founder of JOHO’s coffee, knows where to find it. The company practices the principles of direct trade. JOHO’s guarantees farmers fair conditions and other benefits, while customers receive a high-quality product straight from the source. This interactive site explores the journey it takes to create the coffee, beginning with a 13-hour flight to Brazil from JOHO’s headquarters in Graz, Austria. The site goes through multiple chapters of the journey, allowing viewers to scroll through pictures and text explaining the company’s process. There are also videos and interactive elements to keep you as engaged as you are informed throughout the journey.


Explore 7 Different Chapters

johos1JOHO’s explains that more than a third of the coffee on the world market comes from Brazilian coffee plantations, called “fazendas.” Brazil is one of the locations from which JOHO’s sources its beans. The site takes you to Sao Paulo, where you can learn more about the city and the role coffee plays in the Brazilian economy. There are also interviews with people in Brazilian coffeeshops, and tons more detail that lets you explore all aspects of the trade. In total, there are seven chapters available to browse on JOHO’s site. Coffee lovers from around the world should enjoy learning more about how the drink is made, from Austria to Brazil and back again.


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