Inkshares: Crowdfunded Book Publishing

Posted on Thursday, March 19th, 2015 by

inkshares5Inkshares is a platform for authors to pitch their new work and let readers decide if the project gets published.

Authors Pitch, Readers Decide.

inkshares3The book publishing industry has struggled to transition to the digital era. Amazon, audiobooks and e-book services have shown that passion for and interest in books hasn’t waned, but getting a book published is still a difficult and costly endeavor. Inkshares puts the power of the publishing into the reader’s hands, allowing people to fund projects that they find interesting. Similar to Kickstarter or Indiegogo, Inkshares allows fans to directly support creative projects. Rather than offering different incentives, however, Inkshares simply allows readers to pre-order books. As soon as an author reaches the funding threshold that covers the publishing process, the book is created.


A Crowdfunding Platform and a Publisher

inkshares2Inkshares is more than a crowdfunding platform, it’s also a full-service publisher. Any author can submit a book proposal through the site, and Inkshares publishes it if it receives enough money to cover the publishing process. Inkshares also takes care of the editing, production¬†and distribution of every successfully-funded book. This is a much more transparent and democratic process than the historically closed-door publishing industry. The books published through Inkshares might not reach as wide of an audience, but at least they reach an interested audience. Although its an unorthodox method of book publishing, there is some great content on Inkshares. Many projects have already received thousands of dollars in funding. Each project also includes a snippet of the work as well as more information about the book and author. Emerging authors and supporters of creative writing should definitely consider giving Inkshares a shot.


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