Ily: The Family Phone

Posted on Monday, July 6th, 2015 by

ily5Ily is a device that connects everyone in your family, no matter where they are.

Ily = I Love You

ily2The personal smartphone has largely replaced the need for a shared, family phone. With the loss of a communal device, however, has come the loss of important connections and traditions. Ily has the remedy: a device that allows the whole family to video chat, make phone calls and send messages to each other whenever they want. The device looks like any other tablet device, but it’s intended to be plugged into the wall in an accessible place in your home. It has a touch screen on the front, along with a speaker that lets you communicate out loud with others.

Everyone In The Family Can Use It

ily4Ily makes it easy to connect with other smartphones and devices. You can make phone calls or video chat directly from your Ily to other Ilys or devices. There are also fun, built-in apps for the whole family to enjoy — like Spotify or the drawing app. The home screen lets you easily set up a list of contacts that you can click on to make a call. This makes it easy for family members of any age (from 3 to 93, as Ily’s site says) to communicate with each other and stay in contact. Ily is obviously attempting to modernize the idea of the family land line. While this device doesn’t have the same amount of features as a traditional tablet (and at $199 for a preorder it’s similarly expensive), the simplicity that it offers makes it useful for families that want to stay connected.


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